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Clarification on QN902x and MKWx0Z160 modules

Question asked by Ijas Ahamed N on Jan 3, 2017

I am planning to build a ble application. I came to know about your ble modules and some of your modules meets my overall needs but I have some more requirements which your module datasheets does not specify.


I have looked on your QN902x and MKWx0Z160 modules. Can you please give a clear answer to my below questions with referring above ble's?


1. Can i get MAC address of incoming client request?

2. Need to store incoming mac address on a permanent storage(not cache). Do any of your above mentioned ble's have a permanent storage? If yes, please specify it.

3. Also need to compare incoming connection MAC address with permanent stored MAC address. Is it possible?

4. Like beacon, i need to show some data without connecting like service data? Can this be possible with your ble modules?

5. I need to get max current consumption at max transmission power in 10 seconds transmission time?

6. How to program these modules?

7. Can i get a development board with chip and oscillator antenna?

8. Digital and analog pin counts? Which all are digitial and analog?