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Why does the programmer change these bytes in the flash of LPC812 and what do these bytes mean.

Question asked by N Kremers on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Kerry Zhou



Flash a hex-file in-circuit into a LPC812 I use flash magic with an ISP serial interface or i use J-flash with a SWD interface. With these tools we have no problems. 


In the production run we use Beeprog2 from elnec. After programming de LPC812 doesn't boot. The same hex-file is used. After programming I see that the flash in the LPC812 is not identical to the data in de .hex-file. Both flash-magic and J-flash change the data in the first row of 64 bytes.


The first 64-bits in the hex file is:




The first 64-bits in the flash of the LPC812 is:



The red part is different and is missing when using the Elnec program tool. I wonder what these bytes mean and why flash magic and j-flash load these files into the flash.