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Is FreeRTOS supported for the Cortex A-9 on the IMX6 Solo? Is H264 video codec driver available on the IMX6 solo baremetal?

Question asked by Rajath Kumar Divakar on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Rajath Kumar Divakar

Couple of questions for you:


1) I see that FreeRTOS is supported for the Cortex M4 on the IMX6, but is there is a port (besides the one on FreeRTOS' website) for the Cortex A9 on the IMX6?


2) For the H264 video codec on the IMX6 I presume there is a Linux driver available for it, but what about a bare metal driver?  I.e. is there a video codec driver that doesn't require Linux and is compatible with most RTOS' / no RTOS?


We are interested in doing a design for IMX6 that doesn't use Linux so I'm trying to find out how much BSP there is for it running bare metal applications.