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LPC1549 USB ISP fails with Linux

Question asked by lltsu on Jan 2, 2017
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I'm unable to get the LPC1549 USB ISP bootloader to work on Kubuntu 15.10. When I connect the controller, my computer shows it as a USB MSC device correctly. After that either deleting the firmware.bin and dragging the new .bin file, or executing:



sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/usb

sudo rm -rf /media/usb/firmware.bin

sudo cp new_firmware.bin /media/usb

sudo umount /dev/sdb



But after restarting the controller, it stays in the bootloader without executing the new code. Strangely my computer doesn't recognize it as a USB device anymore and I have to manually shortcircuit ISP_0 to ground and reset the device for my computer to recognize it again.


There shouldn't be any problems with the firmware. I tried to flash the device on Windows 8.1 and it works flawlessly. Also, it looks like that has the same problem but it has been left unanswered.


Does anyone have any experience on flashing LPC1549 on Linux?