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ADV7280-M and iMX6 Dart device tree entry

Question asked by Moiz Merchant on Dec 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by igorpadykov



i have a custom board with an adv7280-m wired up to the imx6 dart.  trying to figure out how to create a device tree entry in yocto and correctly configure the chip.


the setup is as follows:

 - the I2C interface are pins 45 (SCL) and 47 (SDA) on the dart.

   - the dart documentation names these as  (GPIO5[26])I2C1_SDA and (GPIO5[27])I2C1_SDA.

 - VIDEO_RESET and VIDEO_PWRDWN need to be logic HI for the video chip to work.

    - they are GPIO pins GPIO1[6] and GPIO1[1].


is there anywhere that has decent documentation which describes the process of setting up a device tree entry?  looking at a similar entry for the adv7180 on the sabre board, didn't help much.