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Handling T1024RDB MPIC External Interrupts

Question asked by abinesh selvaraj on Jan 2, 2017
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We want to simulate the Ethernet PHY interrupt(EC1_INT_N) in T1024RDB board.The EC1_INT_N is connected to IRQ2 pin (External Interrupt) of T1024 CPU. It is understood from the T1024 reference manual (T1024RM) that, the MPIC has to be configured with interrupt vector,priority and sense for IRQ2. Is there any sample code that shows the configuration of MPIC for external IRQs in SDK 2.0. If it is not available, please provide the sequence of routines (present in  MPIC driver (arch/power/sysdev/mpic.c)) to be used for configuring IRQ2 in edge from a character driver.


Please provide some suggestions.