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imx6sx sabresd SDHC card issue

Question asked by Ameer Hamza on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by jimmychan

Dear all,


I have sabre sd board and i am working on SDHC development without using uboot. The board has 3 cards slots exposed, namely: SD2, SD3 and SD4. In my scenario SD2 (which is also WIFI card) does not work at all, also there is no jumper settings for SD2. However, SD3 and SD4 works but i am experiencing strange behaviour. if i insert SD card in SDHC slot after my codes run all the cards work perfectly fine in SD3 and SD4 slots. But if i insert the card before the application launch some cards work and some not. Most of the time in not running case it response (illegal command error). I have also attached a text file in which you can see series of commands if i attached the card before running the code, and attached is the response for last 3 commands before illegal command error occurs. So my question is that if i have to need any upgrade in hardware i.e extra jumper settings etc to runt the SD card perfectly. or if any one else experienced same issue. If any one could guide me regarding this issue will be really helpful as i need the solution urgently. Thanks in advance.


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