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Applying LPCXpresso54608 dev board - Start Porting Javascript on it

Discussion created by Connex Ye on Dec 31, 2016

Happy New Year !


I would like to apply a LPCXpresso54608 dev board for my trying to port the Javascript engine on to this new LPC series.


I am interested in programming in script-like languages, like Javascript, Python,  for rapidly prototyping my IoT ideas. Some open source implementation of these languages are really impressive, which are able to run in resource constrained devices such as only few kilobytes of RAM available micro processors. But often, I was feeling lost that NXP chips are seldom being supported in the list of these open source project by default.

While, personally I have favorable views of NXP chips for its mature wide application in industrial processes, and it is often my choice for real project implementation.So I would like to spend some efforts on trying to port the Javascript on to the new LPCXpresso54608 (If I have one). The candidate of the Javascript engine at present would be, firstly Espruino - JavaScript for Microcontrollers 

At the same time, I am also bearing other goods, which sounds like even much better solution, such as 

Nectar: A Native JavaScript Compiler Inspired by Crystal Lang and Nim Lang | Hacker News 

which may come out later this year 2017 !


So, again, Happy new year, and hope I will get the free board and support from you !