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Updated Method for Booting the P4080DS Expedition from SD card

Question asked by James Stenquist on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by James Stenquist

Available Tools

  • Standard Linux tools

  • Eclipse QCVS

  • QorIQ SDK V1.2+

  • SD Card

Following online instructions has been insufficient for successfully booting P4080DS firmware directly from an SD card. The articles at ‘’, while helpful, are not simple to follow and some steps are unclear.


Creating a bootable SD card seems to require the ‘boot_format’ tool, which needs a hardware specific ‘*.dat’ file, as well as a U-Boot image, kernel image, flat device tree file, and root file system. The availability, location, and deployment of the files required by ‘boot_format’ does not seem to be clearly stated, and the process does not seem to be well documented (especially for the newer boards). For one example, the ‘rootfs.gz’ derived from the QorIQ SDK complains that it is not in gzip format, which leads to questions of how to obtain the proper ‘rootfs.gz’ file (or properly use the existing one). For another example, there are no ‘*.dtb’ files named ‘mpc8536ds.dtb’ as suggested by documentation. The overall ambiguity of the process makes it unclear which step could be causing the problem of booting the P4080DS from an SD card.