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SD32 for KAE132, issue with uart.c and uart.h library

Question asked by RICHARD PAYNE on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by RICHARD PAYNE

Please find attached project for the Freedom KAE132 board that I was experimenting. I copied some code from previous LPC1549 project, including ring buffer that I was trying to adopt for this project. It complie without error so far. I need to integrate UART library into ringbuffer. 


I copied over the uart.c and uart.h from the SD32 design studio (S32_SDK_KEA_1_0_0) into the 102_Library.


1) I could not find example UART based code (with interrupt) that make use of uart.c and uart.h. Can u provide demo code based on that?

2) When included in the project, it reported warning on UART_CheckFlag(), see below. I'm not familar with this type of error.

3) What this local function: void UART_InitPrint(void); It not in the uart.c


arm-none-eabi-gcc "@100_Common/Convert.args" -MMD -MP -MF"100_Common/Convert.d" -MT"100_Common/Convert.o" -c -o "100_Common/Convert.o" "../100_Common/Convert.c"
../102_Library/uart.c: In function 'UART_CheckFlag':
../102_Library/uart.c:313:36: warning: passing argument 1 of 'UART_GetFlags' from incompatible pointer type
u16StatusFlags = UART_GetFlags(pUART);
../102_Library/uart.c:287:10: note: expected 'UART_MemMapPtr' but argument is of type 'struct <anonymous> **'
uint16_t UART_GetFlags(UART_MemMapPtr pUART)


* @brief check whether the specified flag is set.
* @param[in] pUART base of UART port
* @param[in] FlagType flag type
* @return
* 1, flag is set
* 0, flag is clear
* @ Pass/ Fail criteria: none
uint8_t UART_CheckFlag(UART_MemMapPtr *pUART, UART_FlagType FlagType)
uint16_t u16StatusFlags = 0;

u16StatusFlags = UART_GetFlags(pUART);

return (u16StatusFlags & (1<<FlagType));