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What's the conditions about VDD(REG)(3V3) and VBAT on LPC1778?

Question asked by zhiguo zhai on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by soledad

In the datasheet page66:The device core power(VDD(REG)(3V3)) is used to operate the RTC whenever VDD(REG)(3V3) is present. There is no power drain from the RTC battery when VDD(REG)(3V3) is at nominal levels and VDD(REG)(3V3) > VBAT.



But in LPC178x/7x User manual page785:Uses power from the CPU power supply whenever it is greater than VBAT.
So If both VDD(REG)(3V3) and VBAT are present,and VBAT>VDD(REG)(3V3),which is the power supply for RTC?