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Can I direct drive an LED from a KW41Z low power I/O at 1.8V

Question asked by Steven Riedl on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Steven Riedl

I'm trying to drive both discrete LEDs and an OptoTriac directly from the KW41Z with the DC-DC in Buck mode and V I/O at 1.8V. After some digging in the data sheet I found the low power current to be 2.5 mA. The forward voltage of the  optotriacs seems to be 1-1.6V. They have a max current of 60 mA, but it looks like I won't come close to that.


Any comments on driving them directly from the pins with no dropping resistors? 


Yes, I could set the dc-dc to 3 or 3.3 V, and the main reason I might have to do that is if I want an RGB or blue LED.