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MC68HC908GP32 MCU security acces denied

Question asked by Krzysztof KT on Dec 28, 2016
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Welcom in this forum, im new here.


I have some problem with programming hc908GP32 via monitor mode. The problem is that i can't pass the security code.


I have bought new one mc68hc908gp32 in TQFP44 package.

i have build a programmer for this MCU.


My problem with this MCU is that i cant pass the security code to flash ROM via normal monitor mode.

I have stady connection on 19200baut rate every time but no standard security code is working &FF or &00.

I can IGNORE security code end with succes entry to monitor mode but ROM is secured end it is all &AD in tables.


as you can see in the addes picture the MCU respond properly, but ROM is secure.

i use free progsz v5.15

i have try to erse the chip but i thing it does not work becouse after press erse module button the progsz is restarting the mcu for bypass the security kode and again non of standard codes FF and 00 dont work..:(

I have tested 3 pieces of this MCU i ordered and any one can pass security byte to unlock the flash.


any one have some ideas?? how to mass erse module and re-set security code to &FF??


when i upload to PC the module tables everywhere is &AD