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PMIC and i.MX6UL Connection

Question asked by Surendra Jadhav on Dec 28, 2016
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i.MX6UL has VDD_SoC_IN and VDD_ARM_CAP power rails to drive internal core and other logic circuit. Its operating range is from 0.925V to 1.3V(Max. and LDO bypassed).The same is shown in attached image as CPU_Power.

While PMIC IC(MC34PF3000A7EP) we used preprogrammed OTP configuration with which default supply available on OTP_SW1B_VOT rail is 1.4V as shown attached images PMIC_PWR1 and PMIC_PWR2. We have connected this PMIC rails to VDD_SoC _IN and VDD_ARM_CAP. The same observed in one of the Evaluation kit.

I am worried as PMIC output is exceeding the required CPU input voltage.


Let me know your inputs on this.



Surendra Jadhav.