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kinetis bootloader for k61

Question asked by Antonio Serrano on Dec 28, 2016
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I'm very new to Kinetis microcontrollers and NXP Solutions in general and I'm trying to develop a custom bootloader application for the MK61FN1M0xxx15. I've been browsing through the offered tools and saw that NXP provides a Kinetis Bootloader for Kinetis devices. As part of the solution there are CMSIS based target definitions, but not all processors are supported. Reading the documentation it says that porting the Kinetis Bootloader to processors not listed in the sample targets requires having system_<platform>.c/h definitions along with other files which are supposed to be obtainable from the device page. I have failed in getting those files.


Basically I would like guidance on how to start migrating the kinetis bootloader for that specific processor so then I can modify it to my needs. Any help or ideas are welcomed! I'm very lost with this platform...


Thanks in advanced.