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BT calling not working in sabreauto

Question asked by vishal Gautam on Dec 28, 2016

Hi Experts,


We have recently ported bluedroid to iMX6Q-AI board. Below is the software stack


OS:- Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

Kernel:- 3.14.52

U-boot:- 2015.04


Bluetooth is working and pairing of device with bluetooth is also happening. We are using BT calling functionality and able to call and receive. But our issue is that once the call is received we are not able listen any voice on both the sides (not in caller nor in receiver).

Please find attached BT calling log (HMI call receive) for the same.


With this one more issue we are facing is sabreauto in-build MIC is working in linux level by using tinycap application but when using with android application it doesn't work.

Please find attached in-build MIC log.



It looks like issue is in Android BSP. Please suggest solution for the same.


Thanks & Regards,

Vishal Gautam

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