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Watchdog cannot be disabled after watchdog timeout reset

Question asked by Gilbert Liu on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Gilbert Liu

Hi, I tried to follow the cop example project to use the watchdog, but I noticed the COP_Disable(SIM); works fine in the example project. So now, I would like to flash my LED after watchdog timeout reset, then clear the watchdog timeout flag, then restart the watchdog, it didn't work on my project unfortunately. I found that the COP_Disable(SIM); won't disable the COP, plus the SIM_COPC_COPT did not change, this bit won't change even i write into the register directly.


All I want is to turn my LEDs indication to represent the different stage of watchdog process as follow:

Normal running: Red ON, Green OFF

After watchdog reset: Both Red and Green ON

watchdog flags are cleared and COP restarted: Red OFF, Green ON


Please see my code below and comments. Thank you.


if (RCM_GetPreviousResetSources(RCM) & kRCM_SourceWdog)
     RCM_ClearStickyResetSources(RCM, kRCM_SourceWdog);
     COP_Init(SIM, &configCop);
     // If WDOG reset is not occurred, enables COP