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BUG: Invalid activation code on LPCXpresso 8.2.2/LinuxMint18.1

Question asked by Fco. Javier Rodriguez G on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by LPCX presso support

Hi, I'm getting such an error when trying to activate LPCXpresso on my fresh Linux Mint 18.1 box. The serial number I got everytime is the same as the one I got 6 days before when I installed it in this same hardware, but running LM18. It seems that your serial creator algorithm is only based on hardware and not in other stuff as you've claimed in an older post, so it's assuming that the OS is the same as my previous installation, and of course it's not.


Ther very first time I opened the IDE I got the message "License type: UNACTIVATED ...", and when I try to get a serial number, another message pops out: "This will overwrite your existing registration". Wait a moment!!! Do I already have a serial number? ... Well, after clicking on "Continue" this is what I get in my LM18.1 when asking for a newer serial number (always!):




Then, when the web activation page has been opened I got this message "This Serial Number has already been activated. Please go to My Activations to get your Activation Key." So, in "My activations" tab such a serial number is registered on december, 20th. Whaaaaat? Today is december, 27th! The activation code that was given to me in that date is:




Of course it doesn't work in this fresher installation, so as I've said before, your serial algorithm has an error. Besides, Why it's telling me that the newer serial code is going to be overwritten if it's supposed to be the first activation procedure in this machine? How can I get a different serial number on this machine?