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Is DDR required for K-70 LCDC?

Question asked by Mehmet Oksan on Dec 27, 2016

Hello friends,

I am working with MK70FN1M0VMJ12 UC. I don't use TWR-K70-RGB LCD module. I want to control a TFT with MK70FN1M0VMJ12k without an external chip (SSD1963 or ILI.....)  and I am using  "eGUI". I tried to export an image with "eGUI" (size : 800x600, bit depth: 24, format : jpg) 


const LWord Aeshnid-ovipositing-800x600_data[] // array size:480000, 1875KB


But SRAM and LCD-RAM are as follows.


#define __EXTERNAL_MRAM_ROM_BASE 0xA0000000
#define __EXTERNAL_MRAM_ROM_SIZE 0x00000000
#define __EXTERNAL_MRAM_RAM_BASE 0xA0000000
#define __EXTERNAL_MRAM_RAM_SIZE 0x00080000
#define __EXTERNAL_DDR2_RAM_BASE 0x70000000
#define __EXTERNAL_DDR2_RAM_SIZE 0x08000000
#define __EXTERNAL_LCD_BASE 0xA0010000
#define __EXTERNAL_LCD_SIZE 0x0001FFFF//127KB
#define __EXTERNAL_LCD_DC_BASE 0xA0000000

#define __INTERNAL_SRAM_BASE 0x1FFF0000
#define __INTERNAL_SRAM_SIZE 0x00020000//128KB


So, Do I have to use DDR for LCDC?  or  Can I compress this image via "eGUI"?


Best Regards


Mehmet Okşan

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