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KW01 TPMS Receiver cannot work with FXTH870911 – 434Hz EVB.

Question asked by JAE YEOL LEE on Dec 28, 2016
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Would you someone please take a look at this issue?


I'm working on TPMS evaluation system with NXP's emitter, FXTH870911 – 434Hz, and receiver, MRB-KW019030JA.

And deployed SW is "TPMS FXTH87 MKW01 CW10 Rev4 " for emitter and "MKW01_IAR7v4_Project_TPMS_Rev0.6" for receiver.


For some reason, I purchased the MRB-KW019030JA instead of MRB-KW019032NA and made some change on receiver side so as to fit for 30MHz XTAL on MRB-KW01.
(changing is made on clock source for KW01, 30MHz from 2MHz and PLL configuration and some frequency constant for 30MHz)


But, it's not working, means I cannot see the packet MSG on the hyperterminal.


Please let me know what I missed or made some wrong.


For your information, I can see the RSSI value is changed on Radio Utility tool.
So, it looks like not totally working but some parameter or something else is missed or not matched.


Thanks in advance.


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