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Symphony Studio / AVR GUI / Symphony SoundBite

Question asked by Rolf Schirmacher on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2010 by Mikko Helin
I need to develop on a 56371 and decided to go with the really nice Symphony SoundBite evaluation board.
For software development (assembler), I decided for Symphony Studio - seems to work fine and giving a nice debugging environment with nearly any kind of access required.
My problem is with the nearly: While the SoundBite is advertised to have JTAG as well as SPI access through the USB interface and driver, there is no indication how to use SPI in practice. Neither is there any SPI support in Symphony Studio.
On the other side, there is the AVR GUI application, which in fact communicates with the SoundBite only via SPI through the FTCSPI.dll. In fact, it seems to be a graphical environment to set up SPI commands (including code downloads as required) to utilise the ROM firmware of the 56371 and it seems to be fairly flexible to set-up through configuration files.
As I need both worlds: How to use both in parallel, i.e. how to send SPI commands (probably including code, etc.) to set up the SoundBite, debug the SoundBite through the Symphony Studio IDE and develop the code (to be downloaded through the SPI) within Symphony Studio?
I know that it is possible (as shown by the two separate tools), so probably, someone has worked on this before?