Feng Yao

Application of LPCXpresso54608 as Host for a Novo Embedded Operation System

Discussion created by Feng Yao on Dec 27, 2016


After join the NXP community, I have got bunches of information and great improvement. I have tested both FRDM-K64 platform and LPC 824 breakout board for my new target. Bring a Novo Embedded Operation System to life. 


It seems ridiculous to make a total new operation system alone, with so many professional OS available including Mbed OS 5 which is best up to now (in my opinion).

But it is obvious that the whole architect of operation system has been valid for over 50 years with little improvement. It is trying to mending and patching for great innovation of Hardware. It will take too much complexity to complete a simple action to Hardware vendors , such as put a GPIO lever HIGH. In hardware part, just put one bit from 0 to 1. To see, how much effort we should put from programming, IDE, debugging, uploading to power-up.

Furthermore , more multimedia inputs are utilized in real word. It will become unnecessary for TEXT style input from whatever keyboard or touch panel.

I can trying to make one embedded OS suitable for directly voice UI instead of text in 2017. LPCXpresso54608 is really a idea choice.


Basic Principle and Diagram

Within the core of to take over the job of ADC conversion from Voice Input, the voice engine transfer the data directly within MCU into signal pattern, this pattern is coded for a shell-like OS, controlling the GPIO, I2C, SPI directly. The feedback can be Voice or LCD panel on the board.  

In this case, one voice Coding engine, one Voice UI instruction set,one simplicity Voice instruction set compiler for HEX coding , and one Standard Voice I/O set.

This will make the desktop IDE one alternative instead of a-must choice. In fact LPCXpresso54608 can do the job for most cases. That also means the LPCXpresso54608 can start a new application without power-down and power-up cycle.

Principle schetch