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MCU protection

Question asked by guo chunhua on Dec 26, 2016


     Excuse me, I have some questions. 1. when the flash security is enable,  P-flash protection and D-flash protection is not protected, do they need protected? what  is the difference between them and flash security?


    1.当flash 加密后,P-flash protection 和D-flash protection 状态是没有保护,这个影响我的芯片安全性吗?这两个是否也需要加密保护,他们加密和flash security加密有什么区别?




     2. When MCM_RPCR register has been assigned value 0x03, program has been downloaded into the MCU, the MCU can not been downloaded again. Using flash programmer, it still can not been downloaded. if doing this ,the MCU will be damaged, why?


    2.在程序中,当给寄存器MCM_RPCR赋值0x03时,程序下载到MCU后,不能再次下载程序,使用flash programmer也不能下载程序,如果强行下载的话,MCU会损坏,我已经试过几次,损坏过好几片MCU了,请问这是为什么?




     3.In Peripheral protection, how can I use Power Mode Control Write,GPIO Port D,Peripheral Clock Enable, GPIO and Interal Peripheral Select?


      3.  在Peripheral protection中,Power Mode Control Write,GPIO Port D,Peripheral Clock Enable和GPIO and Interal Peripheral Select,这四个分别怎么用?在什么情况下使用?




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