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USB-KW41Z : Write firmware with

Discussion created by Nori Shinozaki on Dec 25, 2016
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I'm trying to use USB-KW41Z as Thread interface for Linux router.

I built bootloader_fsci.bin for usbkw41z_kw41z and wrote it by J-Link.

Then I built host_controlled_device.bin with gUseBootloaderLinkg_d = 1 and THR_SERIAL_TUN_ROUTER = 1.

After built and installed hsdk, I tried to write host_controlled_device.bin using
But it fails...


# python /dev/ttyACM0 host_controlled_device.bin -e

Namespace(bin='host_controlled_device.bin', chunk_size=2048, dev='/dev/ttyACM0', disable_crc=False, erase_nvm=True)
[Command 0] /dev/ttyACM0: FSCIEnterBootloaderRequest -> { }
[Command 1] /dev/ttyACM0: FSCIFirmware_CancelProcessRequest -> { }
No response for the previous command <com.nxp.wireless_connectivity.commands.firmware.frames.FSCIFirmware_CancelProcessRequest object at 0x7f0cb68be9d0>
Cannot communicate with the board, please try again. Exiting..


$ ./GetKinetisDevices
NXP Kinetis-W device on /dev/ttyACM0.


# cat hsdk.log

HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]InitPhysicalDevice:Allocated memory for PhysicalDevice
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]InitPhysicalDevice:Initialized device's message queue
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]InitPhysicalDevice:Created event manager for device
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]InitPhysicalDevice:Created startThread event
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]InitPhysicalDevice:Created stopThread event
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]AttachToConcreteImplementation:Attached to a concrete implementation
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [PhysicalDevice]OpenPhysicalDevice:Created and start device thread
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [Framer]InitializeFramer:Allocated memory for Framer
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [Framer]InitializeFramer:Created stopThread event
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [Framer]InitializeFramer:Initialized framer's message queue
HSDK_INFO - [-1168365760] [Framer]InitializeFramer:Created event manager for framer

My host PC is Ubuntu with kernel 4.4 with CONFIG_TUN=y.

Do I need to do something for bootloader_fsci.bin?