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JN5179 association issue with battery operated sensor devices

Question asked by Deep Shah on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Karina Valencia Aguilar

Hi NXP Team,


I am using JN5179 ZigBee module in our platform for one of the projects. I have a query for associating battery operated devices to JN5179 ZigBee module. I am using "JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge" based FULL_FUNC_DEVICE binary for JN5179.


End devices are - Heiman's battery operated sensor devices:

  • Smart Door Sensor (HS1SD)
  • Smart Motion Sensor (HS1MS)


Below is our observation:

  1. When put the JN5179 ZigBee module to discovery mode and put battery operated sensors (door / motion) as well in to discovery mode, the association happens successfully.
  2. But after association, the sensor devices request for Zone Enrollment with "IAS Zone Enroll Request" command to JN5179
  3. In response to this command, the JN5179 reverts back with "IAS Zone Enrollment Response" message with ZCL payload having Enroll Response Code and Zone ID
  4. Sometimes, we have observed that, these two fields in the above message are having wrong values (i.e. Enroll Response Code = 0x88, Zone ID = 0x7B). Attached is the snapshot of this command response.
  5. When this situation arise, the sensor devices doesn't enroll with the JN5179 properly and doesn't send the "IAS Zone Status Change Notification" back to the JN5179
  6. We have also observed that, when the JN5179 sends proper Enroll response to the sensor device, the sensor device generates "IAS Zone Status Change Notification" properly


Please let us know, how we can make sure, the JN5179 sends the "IAS Zone Enrollment Response" with proper ZCL payload values in every iteration.



Deep Shah