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Customer i.MX6Q board can not boot from SD2

Question asked by Lei Yan on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi NXP friends,


Here i have a question about i.MX6Q boot from SD2, the BOOT_CFG1 and BOOT_CFG2 are configured to boot from SD2, a 4 bit TF card in my customerized board, below is the schematic detail.


i configured BOOT_MODE[1:0] to 1:0, for the Internal Boot.


1. the boot config resistor:

   the green marked resistor is removed;

2. the SD2 interface:


in this condition the BOOT_CFG1 and BOOT_CFG2 are configured as below.


all the power supply domain works fine, i checked one by one by Oscilloscope, it meet the power up sequence very well, as i expected, once i power up the board, CPU will boot from SD2, and i should see the SD2_CLK in scope, but there is no waveform at all.


i guess the BOOT_CFG1 and BOOT_CFG2 configuration IO voltage might be in wrong level, so i checked EIM _DA6 and EIM_DA14 voltage during power up, it seems the voltage is low, can not be pulled up by the reisistor.

it means the all BOOT_CFG1 and BOOT_CFG2 are 0, that's why it can not boot from SD2.


i also check these 2 pins, it seems that they are output during power up, is it NorFlash interface boot here?


i searched in internet, and somebody told it's about fuse, i also checked the fuse initial value of BT_FUSE_SEL is 0 as described in i.MX6 reference manual 3.8.1. 


the BOOT_MODE is 1:0, and BT_FUSE_SEL is 0, so CPU should boot from SD2 by GPIO pins configuration.


if i use MFGtool download from USB, it works fine in downloading, but it can not boot from SD2 at all, it seems CPU doesn't check SD2 while booting, no SD2_CLK output, and EIM _DA6 and EIM_DA14 are all low in voltage.


need your suggestion on that.


thanks in advance.