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k64 no is 64 nano - does it means its working in 16 mega only and not 120 mega?

Question asked by Eli Arad on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Kerry Zhou



Some timing:

1. GPIo toggle is 100 nano - i flatten the the call to GPIO  as a macro

2. Nop operation takes 64 nano - at 120 mega it should be faster , no?

3. The get sysclock(core clock) does return 120 mega.


But i think that the chip is not working in 120 mega, 

How do i check that FRDM K64 does running in 64 mega?

i saw some threads about it , that imply that there are issue with the system clock.

Can some one from NXP please help on this Topic?


What should be done if so , in hardware and software to run it at maximum speed?