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Creating an Assembly language project in CW for Coldfire: How do I do it?

Discussion created by Jason Mitchell on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by Jason Mitchell
Hi all
I am having a very contentious issue that has gone unsolved for about 14 months....
I have legacy Coldfire code (V1), which I would like to use on my MCF52233 EVB. The problem is that, unlike other editions of Codewarror, the Codewarrior for Coldfire Architectures does not have an option in the project wizard to create an absolute/relocatable assembly project. It only offers C or C++ and that's it, no other options. Other versions of CF for the 8/16 bit platforms allow you to select an assembler project and it sets the thing up for you automatically and the resultant template is very nice in that it allows you to get going straight away and write code within minutes.

Is it possible to do the same with the Coldfire version of CW? If not, could someone who is an expert with Codewarrior provide a summary of how to do it, or perhaps a sample project where there is just enough code to get the processor started out of reset, nothing more. I have discussed this at length with various FAE's and they were unable to help me because all their customers code in C.
The problem is I understand assembler very well but C is still a problem for me. I struggle to do basic things in C that I can code in seconds in assembler.
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.