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UART0 API functions in KSDK v2.0

Question asked by Daniel Truong on Dec 20, 2016
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I'm just wondering how one can use API function to initialize the UART0 channel in Kinetis micro such as UART_Init() in the "fsl_uart.c" driver in KSDK v2.0 ?

It is obvious that this function UART_Init() is designed for UART1 & UART2 because of the structure type is different (UART_Type) from UART0 (UART0_Type).


Here's the function prototype:

status_t UART_Init(UART_Type *base, const uart_config_t *config, uint32_t srcClock_Hz);


I couldn't find anything equivalent for UART0 in the said driver. Could someone please help me some advice?