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Can message filtering

Question asked by Andreas Kneissl on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Gary Altenberg

I am confused with the description of the CAN messaeg filter in the LPC43xx manual. The cpu has 2 CAN interfaces. Every CAN interface has two message interface to filter the CAN bus for defined identifier. For each message interface I can define up to 32 identifier.

1) Does it mean, that I can define 64 identifier for CAN0 and 64 identifier for CAN1 or only 32 for CAN0 and 32 for CAN1?
2)   If I can scan only 32 identifier for each CAN-bus (the picture in the manual at page 1236 shows this) - why I need two message interfaces for each CAN bus?

3) If I want to change the identifier or to remove it from the filter list - how to do this?

4) Is there any code example available to show the using/modification of message filter?

5) Can I change the message filter during running CAN-bus or should I disable the CAN-interrupt during this process?