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MPC5554 problem changing the eSCI baud while running

Question asked by Davide Salvetti on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by David Tosenovjan

I have a problem with MPC5554.


I need to change the eSCI baud from 115200 to 2,000,000 while the program is running. when the program starts it works with 115200 but when I try to change the eSCI baud at 2,000,000 it seems to not understand my command and it continues to transmit data at 115200.


I'm trying to do this with the following lines:


#define ESCI_A_CR1_SBR_2MBPS 0x00040000    /* BR=sysclk/16/4 (2M baud) */


void BTSerialInit_2Mbps()




this function is called after a certain time is passed. Am I doing something wrong in the code? 


thankk you very much,