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PF0100 VGEN5 and VGEN6 Incorrect Output Voltages

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Dec 19, 2016
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On our custom design when I read the registers 0x70 and 0x71 of PMIC, I get the values 0x00010000 which are correct settings for 1.8V output. However I get 2.3V and 2.6V output from these regulators. All input and output capacitors are there and they are fed by 4.4V at the input.


Can someone please point out what might be wrong? All other rails are correct on the PMIC.


Note 1: There is a design problem where all VIN[3:1] are fed from 4.4V. This is above the limit of VIN1 and VIN2 however I am getting correct output values for VGEN3 and VGEN4. VIN3 is just wtihin the limit 4.5V. I do not suppose this might be causing the problem, any ideas?


Note 2: I do not have a LICELL installed as I am making the tests.