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Apply PCXpresso54608 development board (OM13092)

Question asked by okcn on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Rob Jansen

I admir NXP's products especially like LPX4370, LPC541XX. LPX4370 has 3 cores and 80Msps AD, and LPC541xx has 2 cores, 8 SPI and also FPU. All are disruptive products. The Eval board of LPC541xx gave me a strong  impression for its low power, voice detection and triggering, seneor all-in-live....

Now I am using LPC54102 to design a small hand-hold intellgent instrument for lab application, now allmost come in final stage. (refer the attatched photos.)


But LPC54102 need external USB chip for some communication, though next chip LPC54114 supply a simple USB port.

And also need user's addtional work if adding LCD displayer.

So we have to do more work to fill our need。

Several months ago, I heard LPC546xx will appear, but I can not find any information about datasheet or manual or chip package!

I am waiting, waiting ... 


now it come on the stage.  Perfect !  If it also has 2 cores ....

of course, now it is excellent ! and wish more release in 2017.

MCUXpresso SDK  make using it easier. TouchGFX demo make it more attractive.


It has USB,TFT- LCD, and 10 flexible serial comm, and SCT ..... those all I need,  that make my design can easier to comm, to show, and to control more AD and DA with SPI --- more link to this analogy world, these are my favourite functions.


Is it possible to receive a Free LPCXpresso54608 Development Board  to check and evalute my ideas ?


Wish and Thanks.


And finally,  I pray NXP could raise debug limit of  LPCXpresso IDE free to 512k.