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Periodic read/write from/to NT3H1101 with Android

Question asked by Norihiro Michigami on Dec 18, 2016
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I want to read/write information from/to NT3H1101 periodically by Android after NT3H1101 is identified/selected by NFC reader.  Could you advise us what procedure is easiest for this purpose?


I'm not sure how "NFC tag reader" app for Android works, but here is my understanding.

When NFCtag reader app sends HALT command after first successful read/write operation, I think NT3H1101 goes to HALT state which is described in Fig 5 of data sheet. If so, I think we can have a chance to read/write information again if NFC reader sends WUPA command from HALT state. 


I can find similar questions on internet, but I'm still now sure if Android can support the periodic read/write operation without removing NFC tag from NFC reader.



Norihiro Michigami