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LPCScrypt flash programming fails on LPC43S67 OM13084

Question asked by Omid Athari on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Omid Athari

I am trying to load an image to the on board flash BankA of my device and LPCScrypt fails.


Here is the console output :


Booting LPCScrypt target with "LPCScrypt_140.bin.hdr"
LPCScrypt target booted


C:\nxp\LPCScrypt\bin>lpcscrypt.exe queryFlash
Number of Flash Devices = 2
Name = BankA
Base = 0x1a000000
Size = 0x80000
Page = 0x1000
Sector = 8-64KB
Blank = 0xff
Buffer = 0x8000
Base = 0x20040000
Size = 0x3f80
Page = 0x80
Sector = NA
Blank = 0x0
Buffer = 0x8000


C:\nxp\LPCScrypt\bin>lpcscrypt.exe blankCheck BankA
Not blank at 0x1a000000

C:\nxp\LPCScrypt\bin>lpcscrypt.exe erase all
Erasing BankA LPC_Error Fatal 0x10
... completed in 0.122s
Error: <Command line>:1: Fatal 0x10
Script cmd: erase all
Last target cmd: =eraseFlash 1a000000
Terminated with errors

C:\nxp\LPCScrypt\bin>lpcscrypt.exe program ..\images\freertos_app.bin BankA
Programmed 16376 bytes to 0x1a000000 in 0.100s (159.804KB/sec)



Even though it says that the image was written it is not.

There is error erasing the flash as well.


Any help is appreciated