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How to program MPC5744P with MC33907

Question asked by Xiaoguang Chang on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

I use MC33097 and MPC5744P for one project. However, I fail to program MCU due to frequent resets after MC33097 is configured to normal mode. The MCU I programmed is not empty and is has bootloader and application SW. I do can program when MC33097 is configured to debug mode.

My questions are
How can I program the MPC5744P when MC33097 is configured at normal mode? According to AN4766, it seems that my bootloader need to disable the watchdog refresh during INIT_FS or Normal_WD state of the fail-safe logic. But is there somebody advise me how to do so?
To support ISO26262, MC33097 has to be configured in normal mode. After PCB assembly, the first time the MCU is powered, the flash memory of the MCU is empty and need to be programmed. How can I program an empty MCU if MC33097 operates at normal mode? Do I need to jump MC33097 to debug mode for the first programming?