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240x320 portrait display initialization Android kitkat 4.4.2

Question asked by Devi Lavanya Andaluri on Dec 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by jimmychan

Dear all,

We want to work with the 240x320 display on the imx6sl.

We have modified the fb_videomode parameters in the board-mx6sl_evk.c, but still display is not coming properly.

The display is using HX8347I display IC.

We are sure that display is an portrait display with the resolution of 240x320. If we modified the fb_videmode structure values to 240x320 then we are getting haziness on the display.

But interestingly for the testing purpose we modified the fb_videomode structure values to 320x240 then we are able to see some proper image on the display but some part of the display is coming blank(we are loosing some picture information since we haven't set the actual resolution of the display).


 So any one help us to initialize the 240x320 display on imx6sl.


Thanks in advance.