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EEPROM Emulation driver for MPC5744P problem withS32DS

Question asked by Maite Sierra on Dec 16, 2016


We are working with EEPROM emulation software driver for MPC5744P and we have found a problem when executing it.

We have included *.c and *.h files in a S32DS Project (.zip file included).

When we run the program

- FSL_InitEeprom() is excuted correctly

- FSL_WriteEeprom() (write eeprom data records) is executed correctly 4*80+21 times,

- the next time FSL_WriteEeprom() is called, a swap is launched. After that, the first time FSL_MainFunction() is called it returns ERASE_INPROGRESS but the second time

ERASE_SWAPERROR is returned.

- after that FSL_InitEeprom() is called but EE_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_BLOCK_FOR_ROUND_ROBIN is returned and sw enters in ErrorTap().


We think that we have a problem when Erasing our flash.


Our doubt is if we should have done something in S32DS Project settings relative to use the flash for EEPROM emulation.


Any help on this issue please?


Thanks in advance.


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