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Behavior of iMX6D Ouputs during STANDBY

Question asked by Stephen Barton on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Stephen Barton

Am looking at the SABRE Board MCIMX6Q - when we momentarily press the Power Switch Button SW1, the system goes into Standby mode.  It seems that the PMIC keeps all the iMX6 supplies active


We are looking for info on how the iMX6 Dual IO pins behave when the iMX6 goes into Standby mode, when they are configured as outputs.  Am not seeing this info in the "Reference Manual"

For example:

  • If we have a GPIO output controlling an external circuit, will this output remain at a valid LOW or HIGH level while we are in Standby Mode and come out of Standby?
  • If we use iMX6D GPIO08 ball R5 as a 32 KHz CLK Source, what would this pin do in Standby Mode?