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LPC54102 crashes on board init

Question asked by omer s on Dec 15, 2016
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I started a few days ago with an LCPXpresso54102 board and the LCPXpresso IDE. Everything went great, blinky was working and I put the board back in my drawer.

Today, the board was not blinking. Uploading firmware failed unless I used the ISP button.

After a lot of debugging I discovered that the MCU fails during board init (see attachments). I can run simple C code that does not init the board (blank c project) but an empty project that inits the board fails.


I tried deleting my workspace and starting with fresh examples, I even tried using another PC. the init keeps crashing inside Chip_Clock_SetMain_B_ClockSource


I think something is wrong with the hardware, perhaps the dreaded static damage?


The attachments show debugging stepping before the crash and the crash itself