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Issues with T4240QDS with RCW BOOT_HO=1

Question asked by Quan Tran on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Yiping Wang

I recently opened a support issue for this and was assigned to Yiping, but for some reason my email responses started bouncing with an automated reply saying send it to, but I used that email, so I am not sure what the issue is. So I am asking here.


I have a board that we are trying to setup secure boot for, it is a T4240QDS system.

I am currently trying to get the CCS to work with the RCW image BOOT_HO=1, to verify CCS works and BOOT_HO works so I can use it to program the keys for secure boot.


The steps Yiping told me are as follow:
1. Please program boot hold off RCW to bank4 RCW address from bank0.

2. Please power down the target, modify SW6[1-4]=0100 to configure the target to boot from bank4, then power up the target board.

3. Please open CCS from Start->All Programs->Freescale CodeWarrior->CodeWarrior for PA 10.5.1->CodeWarrior Connection Server, then type the following commands.

% delete all

% config cc cwtap:<ip>

% ccs::config_chain t4240

% ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e00e4 4 0 0x00000001 Then you will see u-boot booting up on bank4.
I have done the steps 1 and 2 successfully, put the RCW with BOOT_HO=1 to bank4 RCW and set the SW6 switch to boot from the alternative bank. This seems to work because after booting from bank 4, the serial console doesn't output anything, so I assume it is holding until release.

I have some issues with the CCS step however, here are the messages I get from trying to use it


CodeWarrior Connection Server console display active (Tcl8.4.12 / Tk8.4.12)

Loading CCSAPI Tcl interface (C:/Freescale/CW_PA_v10.5.1/PA/ccs/bin/ccstcl.dll)...

Loading Svfburner (C:/Freescale/CW_PA_v10.5.1/PA/ccs/bin/svfburner.dll)...

There are no command converters configured

Server listening on port: 41475

Clients allowed from all hosts

No clients denied

(bin) 1 % delete all

(bin) 2 % config cc cwtap:

(bin) 3 % show cc

0: CodeWarrior TAP (cwtap: CC software ver. {0.0}

(bin) 4 % ccs::config_chain t4240

T4240: HRESET occurred during transaction

(bin) 5 % display ccs::get_config_chain

Chain Position 0: T4240

(bin) 6 % ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e00e4 4 0 0x0000001

HRESET occurred during transaction

(bin) 7 % ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e00e4 4 0 0x0000001

HRESET occurred during transaction

(bin) 7 %


How do I fix this error of "HRESET occurred during transaction"?