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Issue faced during installation of Code Warrior 10.6

Question asked by Mahesh K V on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by Alice_Yang
We have purchased "CodeWarrior Development Suite - Basic" from "Digi-Key Electronics", manufacturer ID is CWP-BASIC-FL and product ID is CWP-BASIC-FL-ND.
We have started our installation by clicking START_HERE.html file and gave "install" for microcontroller code warrior 10.6, that step copied an executable named CW_MCU_v10.6_b140329_PE_Offline.exe in our local disk. When we access that executable, we are getting a consistent error at 18%, the screenshot is attached alongside this mail.
As per your Quick start guide there is possibility of installing this software online. Can we install this software online and register through provided USB?
Provide a clarity over online installation.
Please let us know the reason for this error and solution. Quick help regarding this issue will be highly appreciated.