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how to flash the mc13213 on the my module?

Discussion created by moshe shriki on Jul 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by moshe shriki
hi all,
i just finished building my ZigBee module based on mc13213 samples.
i want to flash some basic code for hardware debuging.
1. do the samples come flashed already with some basic code?
2. should i flash like i'm flashing the SRB? or with the SRB definitions?
i was trying to flash by:
exporting solution from BeeKit (SMAC) then with CodeWarrior after debug i connected my board with the PE multilink usb, and it gave me a message (in the attached pic). it says to power down and up and than it will work, but it doesn't!
3. what should i do to flash it right?