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P5040 based target does not boot on power up(No boot log on console)

Question asked by RAM MURMU on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by ufedor


    I have a custom target based on P5040DS-PB. It is designed as per the P5040DS-PB demo board. The flash and DDR configurations are same as the demo board.


In my custom target the boot location is NOR flash (16-bit). The NOR flash is programmed with u-boot, RCW and microcode along with other images (uImage, dtb, ramdisk image) in both the banks (Current as well as Alternate bank).


Now on setting the source of RCW location(cfg_rcw_src[0:4]) to 16-bit NOR flash and on powering up the target, the boot log does not appear on the console. On using the JTAG tool to boot the target , the Program Counter(PC) shows the address as 0xEFFA2150. On running using the tool and then stopping , the PC does not increase and it always remains at 0xEFFA2150.


In other case when RCW source is changed to 11000(cfg_rcw_src[0:4] Hard coded RCW) and on powering up the target, the boot log does not appear on the console either. On trying to boot using the JTAG tool, the PC does not increase in this case also and the PC always stuck at 0x00000000.


I believe with the hard coded option as RCW , my target should have booted up.

Please advise how to proceed for debugging.