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TWR-LS1021A : Rev. B - Ethernet is not working

Question asked by Vered Zvi on Dec 15, 2016
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Today I got rev. B of the TWR. 

I did not burn nothing but environment u-boot parameters. 

setenv ipaddr

setenv serverip



Then, under u-boot I tried:

ping "" 

This is the IP address of a PC connected to the TWR without any switch. Point to point. 

Ping failed. 


I tried this also after linux booted:

ifconfig eth0 up


Ping failed. 


u-boot reports that there is a 1gb, full duplex link.

The PC (windows) also reports a link. 


This should work out of the box without any effort. 

Can you please help ?

Is it possible I should burn a new RCW ? How ?

SW2, SW3 are configured properly for bank0. 

When I configured to boot from bank1 I got the same results. 


Thank you,


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