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Full Chip Simulation - unallocated variable

Question asked by Suhaas Koparde on Jul 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2008 by Brett Wallace
Hello forum members,
I am using Codewarrior 4.6 build 6345 for MC9S12A128 processor. I am using full chip simulation target in the debugger to test my SCI code. I have two functions for sending and receiving character to/from SCI of the device. The receive routine works correctly but for the transmit routine indicates that the variable used to hold the character is not allocated and hence it displays zero '0'. I am transmitting the same character that I receive using receive routine. I am attaching a snap of the debugger showing the unallocation of the variable. What could be the cause for this? Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.