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MCToolbox for MPC5744P: ADC initialization bug, external interrupt bug, configuration of external RAM

Question asked by Andres Galvez on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Radu-marian Ivan


regarding MCToolbox for MPC5744P:

We had an online meeting a while ago where you told us about two bugs:

- ADC initialization (is the probable cause for the wrong ADC sample rate in my project)

- External interrupt feature with CTU (no reaction for external input trigger)

You said maybe a patch could be released to address these bugs - but since then I didn't hear from you and my local NXP representative is not answering, so I ask through here. Or are these bugs going to get fixed with the next official version? If yes, is there a defined date?


Another question:

- Is there another processor with the capability of connecting external RAM, which the toolbox supports? If yes, can it be configured via toolbox or would we have to modify the code manually (if possible)?