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PMIC MC34VR500 Questions....

Question asked by Robert Cochran on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Serguei Podiatchev



Regarding the MC34VR500,


1) Can I combine the outputs of the LDOs to increase the total current delivered to a particular node?  If so, are there any special rules I need to follow?  For example, can I tie the outputs of LDO4 and LDO5 together?


2) Figure 16 of Rev 4 datasheet (SW2 Efficiency) shows a VOUT of 3.15, but the IC doesn't specify an output this high for SW2 (VMAX is 1.975).  Please provide information on how this figure (3.3V) was generated using SW2.


Thank you