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Use IMX6 VPU to decode picture problems

Question asked by dean ji on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by jimmychan

HI all:

I use the vpu of imx6 convert jpg picture into yuv picture, the conversion of the image size 4177920

Feel the image size is not right, and turn out the image of the top has a green stripes,

4177920-4147200=30720(I think the image size of converted is 1920X1080X2)


ps: my cmd like ./mxc_vpu_test.out -D "-i a.jpg -o b.yuv -f 7" my bsp version is 3.0.35

I would like to ask if  the vpu of imx6 support  this conversion, if does  what is wrong?