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Is there an explanation for the following debugger behavior??

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by ZhangJennie

Hi All


In KDS 3.2.0 I have the following debug behavior (it was OK with the previous version as far as I can remember). The behavior is the same for various debuggers (P&E adapter, OpenSDA etc). The same on all Kinetis processors tried with


1. Downloading it stops at main() as expected
2. Stepping code works
3. Setting breakpoints and running between then works
4. BUT running causes the debugger no no longer offer the PAUSE. Sometimes it is possible to get to reset and return to main() by clicking on the RESET/restart symbol but often it doesn't react to this.
When the debugger "runs away" like this it is necessary to disconnect and start again.
The code otherwise works normally.


There may be a hint; when downloading code there is a warning that there is no reset script defined (or similar).

Any ideas why KDS debugger is playing up like this - with IAR, Keil etc. the same project debugs normally....